I wholeheartedly agree with this opinion to include tags in Taglist manually.
Otherwise it would become just a dumb list of all tags, even those deprecated, 
poorly designed and duplicated.

 Dalibor (chrabros)

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> Hi!
> On Mi, Sep 21, 2016 at 09:53:27 +0200, François Lacombe wrote:
> > The way the list is built isn't clear to me : for man_made example you
> > just give tags=man_made as template parameter but taginfo doesn't
> > return the whole set of values.
> > I see a man_made=mill value on taginfo which is not visible on the
> > wiki loaded template Is count the only criteria ?
> No, count isn't a criteria at all. man_made=mill is simply not included
> automatically, because there is no wiki page for it.
> I recommend giving an explicit list of all tags that you want to have in your 
> list.
> Just using the key only is more of a short-cut to help get you going.
> In my opinion it makes sense to have a human edit the complete list of
> everything they want to have in that list. That is the power of the wiki after
> all, that it is not autogenerated, but somebody actually curates this list.
> Taginfo should only be the helper here that makes it easier, but it shouldn't
> decide what ends up on that list and what doesn't.
> Jochen
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