There is something I don't get.
Draw primary the same color as trunk and you have no more « discontinuity »? In France, some commercial map (the most sold, I think) use a different rendering for trunk and primary, because you drive faster on trunks. I like it, I think they like it, because they have been using this rendering for decades.

Le 24/02/2018 à 04:45, Fernando Trebien a écrit :
As an exercise (and I'm curious about your thoughts on this), I found
the main routes between place=city within Czechia (didn't have time to
include cities in adjacent countries, bear that in mind).

Here's the result [1] using the old colour scheme (motorway=blue,
trunk=green, primary=red; with a little mistake: secondary=yellow).
Top image uses the current classifications, and bottom image is the
result if city-city routes are classified as trunks. Looks very
similar to most other maps. Just by looking at it, it's quite obvious
which is the main route between each pair of cities. As expected, the
method also found out the best ways through and around Praha when
going across it. This could also be slightly improved - for example,
with little extra time, it is easier to recommend going through route
6 and then Karlovarská than through route 5 and Bucharova.

I've checked the three small secondary segments using Street View.
Their physical structure is quite good. If still considered
undersirable, there are alternative main ways that increase the total
time of travel very slightly. Not all routers agreed on taking them


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