Thanks to many people who have helped with this effort!

This query shows a list of regions that have the new default_language tag
(you can multisort column with shift or control clicking the headers).

This query has also been added to the key:default_language wiki page at the

P.S. same query, but with the last editing user included:

On Tue, May 8, 2018 at 12:02 AM Yuri Astrakhan <>

> Hi, most countries now have a default_language [1] tag, specifying the
> most likely language of the "name" tag in that region.  Here's a list of
> 60+ countries that have multiple official languages.  If you have local
> knowledge, or can research it, could you add the proper default_language
> tag to these relations?  Also, if most of the country uses one language,
> but some region uses a different default language, please set first
> language on the whole country, and the second language on the smaller admin
> region.  Do not set multiple languages, e.g.  "en;fr".  See
> Key:default_language wiki page.
> This query generates a list of admin boundary relations that have no
> default_language tag. It also shows country's the official languages per
> Wikidata.
> Wiki page:
> [1]
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