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The whole country has 3 official languages. In the north nl is the official language, in the south fr. And a small area in the east is de. Brussels is officially bilingual. Hence all names there will be a combination of fr - nl.

Normally I would expect Belgium to not have default_language set. You may have to keep a list of countries where it only makes sense to look at the next smaller geographic regions.

I expect the same goes for Switzerland (whole country 3-4 official languages, but at the next geographic level it is clear which language is spoken/official for which region).

I think in most multilingual countries the regions are not so clearly defined.


Hello Jo and Yuri,

Here is the text of the article 4 of the Belgian constitution [1]

"Article 4
Belgium comprises four linguistic regions: the Dutch-speaking region, the French- speaking region, the bilingual region of Brussels-Capital and the German-speaking region. Each municipality of the Kingdom forms part of one of these linguistic regions."

In the Swiss constitution [2] it is stated directly that there are four national languages. It is also the article 4:

"Art. 4 National languages
The National Languages are German, French, Italian, and Romansh."

It is not a light question, - which language is the default one for these countries. In my opinion, following these official texts is the best solution.

[1] https://www.dekamer.be/kvvcr/pdf_sections/publications/constitution/GrondwetUK.pdf [2] https://www.admin.ch/opc/en/classified-compilation/19995395/index.html#a4

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