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> Open Location Codes are also referred to as "plus codes".  Since August
> 2015, Google Maps supports plus codes in their search engine. The
> algorithm is Open Source, licensed under the Apache License 2.0. and
> available on GitHub [1].

Please let me help to understand OLC: is this nothing else than another
representation of lat and lon?

This may be good enough for rural areas and small buildings. But I do
not understand how it should work for very tall buildings.

How would you proceed for those tall buildings?

So how do you provide your OLC? It's the OLC of your actual location?
And you do add the OLC for the entry to your tall building?
(where bells or letter boxes might be located? Or is this an extra OLC?)
And as an extra you do provide the entry to your street?

And this is still a two dimensional address only? How about multilevel

I do thing especially about tall buildings with a maze of corridors.
You'd need a list of OLC waypoints how to find your location - within a
building, where GPS will not work.

- Martin

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