On Saturday 11 August 2018, Blake Girardot wrote:
> >>
> >> Ok, enough of your overly polite, gentle feedback stuff, tell us
> >> how you really feel :)
> >
> > I am afraid that even after reading it several times i have no idea
> > what you want to say with that.
> My apologies Christoph, it was sarcasm. You were anything but polite
> or gentle with your feedback. I thought it was a friendly, funny way
> to de-escalate the discussion and hopefully spark some personal
> reflection.

Well - i wasn't really trying to be polite, i was trying to be direct 
because polite arguments by others why tagging encoded coordinates is 
not a good idea were ignored.

Anyway i think we have now made the arguments agains tagging this very 
clear with Frederik also explaining the practical scenarios in detail.  
Nothing has been brought up against these arguments except the 
continued expression of the political desire to push this into the OSM 
database despite all the arguments against it.  Everyone is entitled to 
their political views but i don't think the OSM database is a place 
where these can be articulated.

Christoph Hormann

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