> The Bat! (BETA) is available at
> http://www.ritlabs.com/download/files3/the_bat/a-5/tb5081.rar

> What's new in since 5.0.8:
> [-] Message List: Sorting Subject/From/To groups by latest time was not 
> functional
> [-] (#0008371) Inline graphics disappear when opening multiple messages
> [-] When both options to automatically mark message as read were
> switched off, messages still were marked as read 
> [-] (#0007784) message about old format in new versions
> [-] Handling reply/forward commands for inline viewers of messages wasn't 
> working properly
> [-] Replied filters wasn't executed automatically
> [-] (#0008575) 5.0.8 AVs while switching between pictures tabs in message view
> [-] (#0008606) Deletion attachments was not refreshing messages in the 
> Finder's message list
> [-] (#0007397) HTML QT included in TEXT Folder template produces HTML code in 
> Microed
> [-] IMAP download preferences specified in account settings wasn't used by 
> default in all folders
> [-] (#0008609) the TO field was not focused when a message was forwarded in 
> non-MIME format
> [-] (#0008611) Thread operations were ignoring date grouping 

That error when trying to associate file types with the Bat when loading should 
really be fixed. That is not a good one for new users

Configure file & protocol handling
Some of extensions/protocols could not be associated.
It is possible you do not have access rights to do that or
some software prevents you from that. It was not possible to associate with:

.EML  (message files in RFC-822 format)

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v5.0.8.1 (BETA) on Windows XP 5.1 Build  2600
Service Pack 3


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