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> That error when trying to associate file types with the Bat when loading 
> should really be fixed. That is not a good one for new users
> ---------------------------
> Configure file & protocol handling
> ---------------------------
> Some of extensions/protocols could not be associated.
> It is possible you do not have access rights to do that or
> some software prevents you from that. It was not possible to associate with:
> .EML  (message files in RFC-822 format)
> ---------------------------

Not just new users. It is very irritating for some old users as well.
I am a case in point. And one other thing that irritates me greatly
are the huge tool tips every time I click Receive Mail or Send Mail. I
don't find any way to disable them or to make them smaller as they
used to be.

Windows XP Pro SP3
The Bat! Pro OTFE

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