Hello Daniel,

if you recreate all of your accounts in a clean and fresh install, the problem 
should be gone. Afterwards you can copy your old account folders to the new 
location, but only these.

Feli (sorry for top posting) 

Am 4. April 2018 09:33:30 MESZ schrieb "Daniel Łuba" <dal...@gmail.com>:
>W dniu 2018-03-29 o 13:55, Gwen pisze:
>> Hello tbbeta,
>> On Thu, 29 Mar 2018, at 06:16:30 [GMT -0500] (which was 13:16 where I
>> live) Stuart wrote:
>>>> since some beta version I have problem with empty message list.
>When I
>>>> receive  new email - I go to it. And after couple of seconds the
>>>> folder seems to be empty. I can see body of the message. When I
>>>> to other folder and back I see the whole list.
>>>> Is it beta issue? Anybody can confirm it?
>>> Yes I have noticed this in the last beta. As you say clicking away
>and back
>>> again seems to fix things.
>> Happens for me rarely in BETA 32bit
>So it makes The Bat totally useless. Downgrade to stable version is not
>repairing the problem.
> Current beta is | 'Using TBBETA' information:
 Current beta is | 'Using TBBETA' information:

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