I don't like ribbons either.  But maybe that is the old guy, resistant to 
change view.  Ribbons don't seem
to be going away.  Anyway, I don't think putting all functions in a toolbar is 
a good idea.  Too much to 
search through for the function I am looking for.  Is there a way of 
grouping/organizing that makes the location of
a function obvious while not hidden in a multitude of other functions I almost 
never use?

On the other hand, I have spent much time searching the old tool bar designer 
for functions I need, like
Open Reply.  Where could it be hidden, I wonder?  

Ribbon or not, making things easy to find is the problem to solve.

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> Hello,

> What do you think about the screenshots of the upcoming The Bat! v9
> which is currently in development?

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