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Thursday, September 12, 2019, 1:12:13 PM, you wrote:

> You can see the screenshots at
> https://www.facebook.com/emailman/posts/10157552017414120

I think that in 2019 blocking subset of FB domains sounds like a
reasonable idea... After spending some minutes solving Google captchas
in Tor Browser, I don't have any particular feelings about the new

Hope that text under icons can be hidden and duplicated toolbars are 
bug, not a deliberate design choice (screenshot attached).

My main concern is this:

> "developers also mentioned that the PGP internal implementation will
> be removed"

For myself, functional PGP/GPG is absolutely crucial. If multitude of
present GPG-related bugs are not eventually fixed in v9, I would need
to either switch back to Claws or move to Thunderbird/Enigmail combo.
Both are free applications by the way.

This would be unfortunate as I have recently purchased TheBat! license 
and would like to continue using it.

With regards,
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