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> Hello Dimitar,

DT>> I remember this has been mentioned, but with this version the message
DT>> preview header pane looks particularly weird - 2 screenshots attached.
DT>> The button to toggle internal vs system html viewer is taking too much
DT>> of the width of the pane and there is no space for the headers.

> I can confirm that for version 9.1
> Can you have a look at 
> https://bt.ritlabs.com/view.php?id=1934
> and add a note?

> Best regards,
> mse

Dear mse,

Still present in 9.1.2 x64 for me. Note added.

Best regards,
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TheBat! 9.1.2 Pro (64-bit, non-OTFE) on Windows 10.0 14393 

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