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TF> Hello Paul,

TF> On Tue, 21 Apr 2020 08:23:00 -0400 GMT (21-Apr-20, 19:23 +0700 GMT),
TF> Paul Van Noord wrote:

>>>> Messages used to be "parked" when opened again from the Outbox in the
>>>> editor, to prevent this problem. That's how it should be.

G>>> My account fetches all 2 minutes.
G>>> If i put a mail in Outbox, reopen it, change something, the Autosave
G>>> feature (Editor settings, after 60 sec) detects changes and sets to Parked.
G>>> So no previous mail can be sent from Outbox.

G>>> But you are right, for better usability the message should be switched
G>>> to Parked if opened in editor.

G>>> Please report that as a bug to The Bat! bugtracker.

>> Saving  an edited Outbox message will Park it... It does Not Park while
>> editing! You and Thomas are correct. I support the bugtracker entry.

TF> Here you go: https://bt.ritlabs.com/view.php?id=1998 Thank you very
TF> much.


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