Hello Jay,

On Sun, 21 Jun 2020, at 12:58:33 [GMT +0300] (which was 11:58 where I
live) Jay wrote:

> For some time I have noticed that every time I use Alt-L in MicroEd to
> reset the flow of a paragraph, the Windows system sound (Windows
> Background.wav) plays. This is quite annoying. The Alt-L command works as
> expected, but the sound suggests there is a problem of some sort... and it
> is just irritating to hear each time. Can that sound be disabled inside TB?
> Is there a setting/preference to accomplish that? (And, by the way, where
> does one find a list of current keyboard commands for MicroEd?)

Did you had reported the bug to https://bt.ritlabs.com/
If yes, please give us the link so we can confirm.


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