Hello Thomas,

> I have a much better (for me) solution for the same problem (I call it
> "still needs reply", but the same can be used for "for work later"):
> I "flag" messages that still need to be replied. And I have a virtual
> folder that shows all flagged messages. This way unread messages and
> messages that still need to be replied to don't get mixed up, and I
> have an easy count of flagged messages. If you use the flag for
> another purpose, you can use a colour code, for example.
> I have been using this method successfully for many years. It may be
> low-tech compared to the Mail Ticker, but simplicity is often more
> efficient.

That  is  right, with TB there are different ways to basically achieve
the  same.  Flags,  tags, colour groups, virtual folders, filters or a
mix of them.

I  personally  have  used  the  following  setup for many years. I use
SmartSpace  (https://www.ritlabs.com/en/support/tips-and-tricks/3961/)
for  reading  messages, and also some Read filters. If I want to keep,
mark  somehow,  etc.  a  message  as  "Action- Reply" I flag it before
hitting  Space  bar  and  then  a  Read  filter  will  move  it  to my
"Action-Reply"  folder.  Then  I have a virtual subfolder called "Must
Reply" that will display messages in "Action Reply" older than 10 days
and which 'Message attributes" is 'not replied'.

Then  I  use  'Replied  filters'  to  move the messages to appropriate
folder, if needed.

It may seem a bit awkward, but has worked for me for many years.

Best regards,

Miguel A. Urech (Zarzalejo (Madrid) - Spain)
Using The Bat!  Version (64-bit) on Windows 10.0  18363

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