cleaning up legacy code sounds great. Assuming this isn't webapp-ifying it of
course (I'd use Thunderbird if I wanted a webapp-like email client).

I hope his means that the DAILY crashes due to improper memory accesses and null
pointer dereferencing (happening both of my PCs, when I do IMAP stuff from PC A,
TB crashes on PC B, and vice versa) goes away.

And maybe this also fixes the annoying problem where one folder (not many
mails in it, and even after deleting the IMAP folder cache) have extremely
poor performance (over a second to switch between emails, which are all
available locally - so no network isue - and during which the whole TB UI is

PS: I'd gladly demonstrate / help debug these issues if someone reaches out to
me directly.

FWIW, both issues are annoying enough that I'd seriously consider switching
email clients if there was an alternative with the same concise UI (most email
clients nowadays waste space like every designer seems to love when adding huge
paddings and margins nowadays), that does not feel like a webapp... As a
customer for over 15 years now it'd be a shame to have to move to something
else though!


> Hello Martin, 

>> Did I miss something, does this mailing list no longer exist? It has
>> become so quiet...

> Please stay tuned - we continue development, the problem is that there is
> some amount of heavy lifting (related to revising of legacy code) to de done
> in order to finish the current tasks. Plus, we've started conversion the
> current code into multi-platform project, this also takes quite an effort.

> Yeah, the current situation in the neighborhood and in the World doesn't make
> things easy, but we're still here and still working  :-)

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