Hello Jacek,

Wednesday, June 23, 2004, 11:26:00 AM, you wrote:
Jacek> [+] Face is now displayed on the headers panel active view
Jacek> window.

Thanks. That's definitely cool.

Now, here comes the hidden agenda (from back when I suggested they
show up on the headers panel). <grin>

How hard would it be to change the plugin so that it could display a
.gif or .jpg in the header pane.

Where I'm going with this is a combination of the Roguemoticons and
the X-Face plugin so that you could define a header called:

X-Rogue: :Leif_Gregory:

So that it would display the image of the person in the header pane
instead of the body of the message?

Of course the image would need to be smaller than the 120x144 they are
now, but I can do that on-the-fly with the GD library and PHP.


:Leif_Gregory: (TB list moderator and fellow end user).

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