Hi All!

on Wednesday, June 23, 2004 at 19:46 Leif Gregory

> How hard would it be to change the plugin so that it could display a
> .gif or .jpg in the header pane.

> Where I'm going with this is a combination of the Roguemoticons and
> the X-Face plugin so that you could define a header called:

> X-Rogue: :Leif_Gregory:

> So that it would display the image of the person in the header pane
> instead of the body of the message?

 Yes, It is interesting idea. I think of to do try it later.

 Earlier  I  want  to  make auto displaying, and hiding face on select
 mails on the list.

 Now I am waiting for free time to do this... :)

Best Regards, Jacek Szumigaj
The Bat! 2.11/Windows 98 4.10


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