i released a new version of the Bayes Filter Plugin. Completly new is
ne new Spamassassin like filter mechanism to boost the filter results.
The other features and bugfixes are:

- added: regular expression rulesets like Spamassassin
- added: autoinsert ham/spam sender for training mails
- added: automatic learning for black-/whitelisted mails
- Bugfix: deadlock for big mails (mails get reduced to 64KB)
- Bugfix: possible deadlock if you receive mails with multiple accounts
- Bugfix: fixed some problems with reading tbplugin.ini
- Bugfix: missing slash in standard paths
- Bugfix: missing newline in statistic macro
- Improved: language support (THX to all the translators!)
Have fun!

Everyone who want support me, just send a mail to ritlabs and ask them
if they could give me the full access to the plugin interface to
enhance the plugin with more features!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
  Achim Winkler (mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] | http://www.lkcc.org/achim)


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