I'm trying out an evaluation copy of 'The Bat!' Professional version on
Windows XP Pro for the first time and am impressed with its capabilities,
although I must say I find the Help menu a bit confusing.  

I want to use it to send out different documents to subscribers of mine
using a file of command lines, e.g. in thebat.ipc

An example of a command line is:

/MAILU=Julian - Appeals Worldwide;TO=S. Bird<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>;S=Amnesty
letters service;A=c:\TAP\LETTERS\JN-10001.RTF;QUEUE

They are all basically of this type, with several minor variations.  It
works fine, except for one person to whom I need to send a copy on an
alternative email address.  In this case, I tried:

/MAILU=Julian - Appeals Worldwide;TO=Janis Knox<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>;%CC=Janis

But it doesn't work and, in fact, makes the programme crash.

I've obviously misunderstand how to use  '%CC=' - I originally had it with
the % sign and didn't include the recipient's name, but it didn't work then
either.  Could someone kindly explain how one tells the Bat to include
copies.  There can be up to 100 lines in the command file, which I generate
via a programme, but only a few require copies.  I'm not using an address
book  - all the names & email addresses come straight from  my database.

Apologies if this is a rather elementary question, but one has to start
somewhere and I couldn't find anything on it in the FAQs etc.

Julian Hall

P.S. I'm using the Compuserve email address as there is an anti-spam device
on my broadband one.

P.P.S.  I've just tried with a shorter command file and no copies, but the
Bat didn't read all the lines.  Originally, the opening prompt asking for
Registration appeared to be stopping the Bat reading all the data, so now I
have programme already open before creating 'thebat.ipc'.  Is this the


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