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> Does ver. 5 now work better with IMAP?   

> If I do switch to IMAP, will "IMAP" mail that is filtered appear to be
> merged seamlessly with mail that has already been downloaded and
> filtered to one of two dozen folders.

I did not have any particular problems with IMAP with v4, but there
have been some improvements to IMAP so your experience might be better

You cannot switch accounts from POP3 to IMAP so you would need to
create new accounts. The existing messages would need to be moved into
an IMAP folder to be accessible, but I kept my original POP3 folders
with messages as archives rather than move messages, because I can
search across multiple folders and accounts within TB anyway. The
filtering works exactly the same way under IMAP, although I tend to
use server-side filtering for arranging messages into folders, and use
the filtering in TB for colour groups, etc


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