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> Hello TB! Users,

> When the TB! licence says that it can only be used on one computer at
> a time, does that mean that I can install a single licensed version on
> my PC and Laptop as long as I don't use both at the same time?

It's  my understanding of the Agreement that you can install it on any
machine  as  long  as you don't use both of them at the same time (ex:
desktop as a main and notebook when you travel). When moving data I do
export TBK from one machine and import it to a newly installed version
on   the  other  machine. Takes me an hour to move it from one machine
to  another  but is easier than looking for messages that were already
filtered out to relevant folders.

I  could purchase a second copy of TB! later on but not at the current
stage of development. 

You  could  try  to use Voyager if you purchase Pro version but for me
Voyager  at  the current version is not something I will use. However,
I'm sure that many people like it and use without issues.

Apart  of the size of my database (6GB ; you need over 13GB free space
on  USB drive to import data base and sync later on) I was not able to
properly sync it second time (created during sync file was seen by TB!
as  a Read Error).

Tried  to  sync  for  over  2  hours with 12GB free space on the drive
(apart  of  6GB  already taken by installed Voyager) and I gave up. At
least  for me sync process is not so obvious as it should be (maybe 22
years  of  using  computers  is  not  enough or maybe a process is not
simple enough for me :) ).

One  more thing about Voyager, I did observe some 3-8s hang-ups of TB!
while  I  was using it and was sending out an e-mail. Nothing terrible
and  happened  only while sending out, probably due to modification of
database  on  USB.  Used USB was USB3.0 (Mach3 Extreme 32GB (on USB2.0
about  32MB/s write ; USB3.0 about 85MB/s write)) so it should be fast
enough  ; tested on a desktop with USB3.0 and notebook 2.0. Maybe this
delays were due to database, no idea here ; have none on normal HDD.

BTW,  you  can install Voyager only 5 times ; not sure what happens if
you  want  to use it later on. So far, I used 2 of this 5 spots. Might
try   it  again  in  a  couple  of  month  if  there  is a new version

Best Regards,

The Bat! 5.1.2
Windows 7 x64 Professional (7601 Service Pack 1)
POP3 accounts (x5)

Friday, April 27, 2012 (19:10 ; GMT+8)

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