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>> When the TB! licence says that it can only be used on one computer at
>> a time, does that mean that I can install a single licensed version on
>> my PC and Laptop as long as I don't use both at the same time?

RF> It's  my understanding of the Agreement that you can install it on any
RF> machine  as  long  as you don't use both of them at the same time (ex:
RF> desktop as a main and notebook when you travel).

Correct. There was a discussion a few years ago whether the licence is
a "one computer licence" or a "one person licence". IIRC someone from
Ritlabs said at the time that it is a "one person licence", i.e. a
person can have TB! installed on several computers as long as they
don't use them at the same time.

Don't quote me on this though, I am not a legal expert and I don't
speak for Ritlabs.


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