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>> These tricks worked in the past:

>> 1.) If you are on LAN, plug out the ethernet cable 2.)
>> If you are on wifi, plus out the USB adapter  

> Doesn't TB! have a delayed-sending function in recent versions?

Yes, it does. You can write a message now and tell TB! to send it

However, what I do is as follows: I always put messages in the Outbox
(never use immediate sending), so that I'll have another 10 minutes to
consider whether to "park" it, i.e. not to let TB! send it.

I understood your question as stopping a message being in the process
of being sent already. Sorry for my misunderstanding.

> (At work we are forced to use Outlook, which has a "message recall"
> function. On the very odd occasion, it manages to recall messages.
> More often it reports failure to do so.)

No, Outlook does not recall messages. This is simply not possible due
to the way the internet works. What Outlook does, it makes the message
invisible on the recipeint's computer. This is very funny, because I
still see it when using TB!, and in addition, I receive a message that
says "abc would like to recall this message". I am always tempted to
send this extra message back to the sender with a comment: "Too late,
honey". ;-)




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