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> I understood your question as stopping a message being
> in the process of being sent already. Sorry for my
> misunderstanding.

It wasn't me who asked, but I think that was indeed the question.

> No, Outlook does not recall messages. This is simply
> not possible due to the way the internet works. 

I thought in the event the sender and recipient were both on the same 
exchange server it was possible but otherwise not.

> What
> Outlook does, it makes the message invisible on the
> recipeint's computer. 

Outlook on my machine at work often still has the message visible but 
crossed out. Sometimes they disappear if I select them, other times a 
dialog box appears.

> This is very funny, because I
> still see it when using TB!, and in addition, I receive
> a message that says "abc would like to recall this
> message". 

I saw that on TB! a few times as well.

> I am always tempted to send this extra
> message back to the sender with a comment: "Too late,
> honey". ;-)  

Or "Glad to hear it. I would like to win last weeks lottery. But 
neither of us can change the past." (-;

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