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>> Thanks Adrian. As can be seen from my earlier reply to Lore, I was able to 
>> use
>> Belarc to determine what (bit)version I am using. I just downloaded and
>> installed A-SS this morning and did a fetch - as luck would have it, none of 
>> the
>> fetched emails wound up in the JUNK folder. I guess I should be thankful.

R> You will be training that for a bit :)
R> Another  trick  is  to make a filter that deletes emails automatically
R> (and optionally save them out for sending to spam reporting services)

R> I  have  a  bunch  on  my  list as I am sure I will not be getting any
R> wanted emails fro hotbootycall.com :))

What? You don't WANT emails from hotbootycall.com?!?!?! ;)

I don't mind training A-SS because I get just a fraction of the spam emails
that my wife gets. SHE'LL be doing all the training on HER machine.

Jack LaRosa
Central Alabama USA

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