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G> Hi,

G> Antispamsniper obviously marks many mails as spam which I did not
G> mark myself so. Among them are even mails for which I was waiting,
G> like order confirmations by Amazon.

G> My TB has separate folders for Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, etc. When I
G> got mails there I delete them after reading. When I've done that for
G> awhile, Antispamsniper marks those mails as spam.... according to its
G> logfile.

G> This is really problematic.I do not have time to check each day that
G> logfile and undelete mails.

G> So, I could use some advise how to solve this problem.

Although I am new to A-SS, for me it automatically moves messages it thinks are
spam to my JUNK folder. I then go into the JUNK folder and manually mark good
messages as NOT JUNK and move them to where they're supposed to be. From then on
A-SS shouldn't ever mark those as junk again (I think).

Jack LaRosa
Central Alabama USA

Using TB! 6.0.12
OS: Windows, 

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