>>> An addressbook file was accidentally deleted. It is not in the
>>> trash folder. Is there a way to recover it? Many thanks for help.

R>> Get recuva
R>> http://www.piriform.com/recuva
R>> Install it on a stick it you can although it "probably" won't
R>> overwrite the latest lost files if you install it to your hard drike

> Thank you Rick, we'll try it. I wonder why it didn't go to a 
> Trash folder? 

Did you have an abnormal reboot? You might try searching that mail folder for 
that file just in case it got movied
I use another goodie called "Everything" from voidtools.com It searches all 
your hard drives instantly. The have a portable installation but I use the full 
install. Just start typing a file name (wildcard work) and it if is there it 
will show. A right click gives the usual options plus "Open path" that opens 
Windows explorer and highlights the file
VERY handy!


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