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>>>> An addressbook file was accidentally deleted. It is not in the
>>>> trash folder. Is there a way to recover it? Many thanks for help.

R>>> Get recuva
R>>> http://www.piriform.com/recuva
R>>> Install it on a stick it you can although it "probably" won't
R>>> overwrite the latest lost files if you install it to your hard drike


R> Did you have an abnormal reboot?  You might try searching that
R> mail folder for that file just in case it got movied

Lee was clearing out the cabin customer addresses in preparation
for our January mailing and accidentally erased the entire file
instead of the a single entry. Apparently, there was a confirm
screen, but it was to delete the _entry_, not the _file_. I can't
understand why there isn't a provision to automatically move it
to the Trash folder. 

R> I use another goodie called "Everything" from voidtools.com
R> It searches all your hard drives instantly. The have a
R> portable installation but I use the full install. 

With the program, Everything, it was well-behaved, but it did not
show the missing file. Well, it's hard to search for a negative. 
It may prove useful in the future. Thanks for pointing me to it.

_Recuve_ did not give a choice to load on a dongle and it set
Chrome as the browser the minute it was loaded. She used the
piriform's site. Not very well-behaved. The search is still going
on, but we have been able to piece together a mostly complete
list from the reservations calendar, so we're not completely

I'd still like to see a file like this go to Trash instead of 


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