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> Hello Melissa,

> Sunday, March 5, 2017, 4:19:45 PM, you wrote:

>>  I wonder if you could
>> mention all the settings/ports/etc. you're using
>> for both incoming and
>> outgoing mail on that account? Thanks!

> Sure!
> SMTP Server:
> smtp.gmail.com 
> Secure to dedicated Port (TLS) Port 465

> Mail Server:
> imap.gmail.com   Protocol IMAP4
> User: your email address
> Secure to dedicated Port (TLS) Port 993

> Under Authentication: same user/password as for mail
> retrieval

> I hope it helps!  

My current gmail settings are:-

SMTP server:     smtp.gmail.com
Connection: Secure to Regular Port (STARTTLS)
Port: 25
Authentication: Tick in Box for "Perform SMTP Authorisation (RFC2554)"
"same user/password as for mail retrieval" selected.

Mail Server:  pop.gmail.com
User:   Recent:myUsername 
Password:       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Connection:     Secure to dedicated port (TLS)
Port:   995
Authentication: Regular

For mail retrieval to work, I also have to log onto gmail website 
from time to time and either change my password or turn back on an 
arcanely-named setting called "Allow less secure apps". (And if you 
are now wanting to retrieve messages via IMAP instead of POP3, check 
you have IMAP enabled in the mail settings on the gmail website. You 
can have both enabled.)

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