Hello Thomas,

> They are also copied to trash, so you can find them there.

Well,  yes  and no. Or not always. I just remembered that you can have
different  deletion  options in each Folder Properties if for Deletion
you  select  "Use  folder-specific deletion settings" . In my case, in
the  folder I checked, for Normal deletion I have "Mark as deleted, do
not use the Trash folder". TB has soooo many options! ;-)

Anyway,   I   have   checked   a   folder  that  does  not  have  "Use
folder-specific  deletion  settings" ticked. If I delete a message, it
is  certainly  copied  to  the  Trash  folder.  But wait, if I "Browse
deleted  messages"  I can see the message with the strike-though line,
and  if  I  do  'Undelete'  it, the line is removed, the message is no
longer  'marked for deletion', it is shown normally in the folder, BUT
it is NOT removed from the Trash folder.

Best regards,

Miguel A. Urech (Els Poblets (Alicante) - Spain)
Using The Bat! v8.8.9

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