Hello Susanne,

>   How can I filter the messages into two folders, without getting mix-ups?
>   Is it even possible?

Yes, it is. The best I can think of is using Address Book Groups.

Create  two  groups  A  and  B. Include in A those in group A and in B
those in group B. And include in A and B those that are on both.

Then use two filters.

1. With Condition: "Address groups A contain sender"
   And action: Move to folder A.
   In  the  Options  for  this filter, select "Continue processing with
   other filters", so the next filter will also be executed.

2. With Condition: "Address groups B contain sender"
   And action: Move to folder B.
   DO NOT select "Continue processing..."

Maybe  it  is  not  the  only  way to achieve what you want, but this
should work.

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