Hello MAU,

> Maybe  it  is  not  the  only  way to achieve what you want, but this
> should work.

I  think  I  "spoke"  too  fast and it won't work. I think the move to
action  will  not  work  correctly  for  those who are on both groups,
because the first filter will move them to folder A and the second one
to B. But I am afraid it will not remain in A.

Maybe you will need to create 3 AB groups. A for those who are only in
A, B for those in B and AB for those who are on both.

Then a third filter with condition "Address groups AB contain sender"
And two actions:
Move to folder A
Copy to folder B

Filter  1  in  previous  message  will  not  need to include "Continue

I will try to test this tomorrow if I have some time.

Best regards,

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