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S> Thursday, January 16, 2020, 2:12:25 PM, you wrote:

>> There are several ways this could be achieved. Here's a suggestion,
>> which I have not tested.

S> I'll test out different things, or maybe go with your suggestion to treat it 
as one group,
S> as I have not fallen out with anyone. I'm sure you are right, and mix-ups 
will happen.

Having  seen  the other answers, I note that the actual working answer
hasn't been presented, so I'll give it a go.

a:  create new filter with 2 conditions "Sender in Group A" or "Sender
in Group B" and no action.

b: Now create 3 Subfilters of that top level filter

   1) If sender in Group A copy to Folder A and continue processing
   2) If sender in Group B copy to Folder B and continue processing
   3) delete the message and stop.

This  will  give you the functionality you're looking for. I have many
nested and structured filters like this. They work well.

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