Hello Susanne,

On Sun, 3 May 2020 16:06:42 -0700 GMT (04-May-20, 6:06 +0700 GMT),
Susanne wrote:

>> I have tried the same action here and it works. Perhaps try on another
>> message to be sure? Also, are you using v9.1.18?

>>> By the way, is there a short cut for "reply using selected text",
>>> since I can't currently create a button for that?

>> Right click on any toolbar --> Customize --> Shortcuts.

> I've tried on multiple messages.

> And in Shortcuts, "reply to all using selected text" is not a choice as far 
> as I can tell.

> I am running 9.1.18.

> Maybe I'm just unlucky! I vastly preferred the previous version
> (can't quite remember the number, latest v.8)
> to this one.

I'm with you here. I often select text and then hit F4 to reply to the
sender, but I cannot find a shortcut or mouse-click to use selected
text and reply to all.



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