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>> When I said previously "I don't have a .TBI of a .EBI file". I
>> should have said "I don't have any .TBI of a .EBI file in any directory"

>> [ ... ]

>> Example of a correct directory listing
>> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 8<
>> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
>> [DELTA-S2]
>> 03/05/2020 12:50:07.06
>> E:\Users\Administrator\The Bat\Mail\Elliott\Inbox
>> dir
>>  Volume in drive E is Data
>>  Volume Serial Number is FC64-460A

>>  Directory of E:\Users\Administrator\The Bat\Mail\Elliott\Inbox

> [...]
>> 03/05/2020  12:37         7,232,226 MESSAGES.TBN

> This should be the file. Rather than deleting it, rename it (I would
> rename into message.tbn_old, but that's only my system). This way, you
> can still rename it back if I am wrong.

Thanks I will have a go and see what happens. My method is much the same it 
would go to message.old.0.tbn

> By the way, I don't know what all these .csdsig files are. I don't
> have them, maybe someone else has an idea.

They are something to do with a backup system that I use by Altaro.


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