Hello Maggie,

On Wed, 13 Apr 2022 10:34:41 +0100 GMT (13/04/2022, 16:34 +0700 GMT),
Maggie Meister wrote:

> It's been tedious communicating with a large group where everyone
> who needs to be included in a new email is in the To:, CC:, and
> BCC: line. I have been using the right click method  to Write a
> message to this address, and then using copy and paste to add
> everyone into the proper positions.

Well I do that too. But over here it is not much work, because I highlight the 
whole CC line and then copy and paste, and do the same with the BCC line. This 
is two c&p actions, I don't find that too many.

> I could see this as a filter, but it wouldn't address a changing
> group?

> Having a right-click option to mirror the To: CC: and BCC of a
> previous mail could be helpful

Well, it does work. Not CC and BCC together, but for each line.

Maybe I am misunderstanding your questions, though.



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