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On Thu, 14 Apr 2022 00:32:16 +0100 GMT (14/04/2022, 06:32 +0700 GMT),
Maggie Meister wrote:

>>> Having a right-click option to mirror the To: CC: and BCC of a
>>> previous mail could be helpful

TFM>> Well, it does work. Not CC and BCC together, but for each line.

TFM>> Maybe I am misunderstanding your questions, though.

> Right. I was doing it your way and it _was_ a pain (but
> admittedly a minor one). What I saw in the context menu when
> right clicking on the Message To: <name> was two choices: Write a
> message to this address, and Reply to this address. I got to
> thinking that it would be just as easy to provide a choice to
> either Write a message to all addressees, or Reply to all
> addressees. It's not a critical thing, but when there is more
> than one procedure to do, there's a possibility for error to be
> introduced. I can cope without it, but I do like Miguel's idea of
> using Edit as New. If I'm going to err, I'd rather it be the
> subject line than the address positions. It seems cleaner
> somehow. Thanks for your input, it gave me a chance to review
> again what I was doing. :-)

Everybody works differently. Whatever is good for you! :-)



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