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TFM> Hello Maggie,

TFM> On Wed, 13 Apr 2022 10:34:41 +0100 GMT (13/04/2022, 16:34 +0700 GMT),
TFM> Maggie Meister wrote:

>> It's been tedious communicating with a large group where everyone
>> who needs to be included in a new email is in the To:, CC:, and
>> BCC: line. I have been using the right click method  to Write a
>> message to this address, and then using copy and paste to add
>> everyone into the proper positions.

TFM> Well I do that too. But over here it is not much work,
TFM> because I highlight the whole CC line and then copy and
TFM> paste, and do the same with the BCC line. This is two c&p
TFM> actions, I don't find that too many.

>> I could see this as a filter, but it wouldn't address a changing
>> group?

>> Having a right-click option to mirror the To: CC: and BCC of a
>> previous mail could be helpful

TFM> Well, it does work. Not CC and BCC together, but for each line.

TFM> Maybe I am misunderstanding your questions, though.

Right. I was doing it your way and it _was_ a pain (but
admittedly a minor one). What I saw in the context menu when
right clicking on the Message To: <name> was two choices: Write a
message to this address, and Reply to this address. I got to
thinking that it would be just as easy to provide a choice to
either Write a message to all addressees, or Reply to all
addressees. It's not a critical thing, but when there is more
than one procedure to do, there's a possibility for error to be
introduced. I can cope without it, but I do like Miguel's idea of
using Edit as New. If I'm going to err, I'd rather it be the
subject line than the address positions. It seems cleaner
somehow. Thanks for your input, it gave me a chance to review
again what I was doing. :-)


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