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Hi Mitja,

@14 May 2002, 12:30:19 +0200 (11:30 UK time) Mitja Perko wrote in

> You can also try free SpamWeasel. Very nice program.

Please trim your quotes to simply provide context for your replies.
This message was a good example of "over quoting".

Thank you.

I will say this once again, since I was argued with the last time and
the problem persists:

One major cause of over-quoting is "top quoting" - typing your reply
at the top of a message. IMO this is a) lazy and b) 80% of exponents
of this method of reply leave the original quoted text unadulterated
below their sign off.

Top quoting creates non-conversational, hard to follow responses.
There's no rule against it, but I'd like to discourage it as a bad

*Much* better is the format:
> .. specific question snipped from original ...

Your answer

>> ... Someone else's trimmed point ...

> issue raised

Your comment.
This makes replies *so* much more legible and conversations suddenly
make sense.

Here's what your reply *should* have looked like:
(reply pre-amble)

> ... I used spam-killer for a while and it was quite effective.

You can also try free SpamWeasel. Very nice program.


Much tidier.

This point is not really for debate or defensive rebuff - more for
quiet consideration in the privacy of your own Inbox. The exponents of
top-quoting have had their say and the bad habits that arise from that
method persist. I'd like to see messages on this list follow higher
standards of legibility and consideration.

Thanks for listening.

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Cheers -- .\\arck D. Pearlstone -- List moderator
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