TBUDL members

I have set the autocomplete option in TB preferences to complete from
all address books.

In the year or so that I have been using TB, I have noticed that
occasionally the autocomplete function fails to find an address book
entry. For instance, I may have an entry for Chris Smith and when I
enter "Chris S" in the address line, it will find Chris Sinclair,
Chris Stone but not Chris Smith. Using Ctrl-= to cycle through entries
doesn't help. The only way to enter Chris Smith is to select the
address book icon and find him in the address book.

I have discovered that deleting the address book entry that cannot be
found and recreating it resolves the problem.

However recently the problem has become worse. I have set up a group
of 8 people in one of my address books and each day I find the
autocomplete function is unable to find one of these entries. The
strange thing is that autocomplete had no problem finding the exact
same entry previously. As before, deleting and recreating the entry
fixes the problem at the time, but next time I start up TB I am likely
to find that one or other of this group of 8 cannot be found by the
autocomplete function.

Has anyone else experienced a similar problem?

Does anyone have any suggestions to fix it??


Robin Anson
Using The Bat! v1.62r on Windows XP 5.1 Build 2600
Service Pack 1

Current version is 1.62r | "Using TBUDL" information:

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