Greetings, I am a blind computer user who recently re-installed the
bat.  I say re-installed because when I had last tried The bat, I
found that it didn't work well with my screen reader.  A lot has
changed since then, both with the bat and with the screen reading
technology and I'm finding that the Bat is a lot more accessible to
blind users like myself.  Be
that as it may, I'm finding that I still have trouble accessing parts
of the program and am hoping that someone on this list might be able
to give me a hand.

I am subscribed to a number of mailing lists resulting in about 700
Emails daily.  I have filtering set up to appropriately filter
messages into folders by list and, my thinking was then to further
sort those filtered messages into threads.  I went under view/view
threads by/references standard, but can not tell if messages are
actually grouped into threads.  In Outlook, threads, or conversations
as they like to call them, are shown by a little minus symbol to the
left of the message listing.  When the thread is expanded, the minus
changes to a plus.  Anyway, with my screen reader, I am not detecting
any sort of symbol when I change to the thread view.  How can I tell
how many messages are in a thread?  Are threads actually colapsed, or
does the bat handle them differently than Outlook in that respect?
Are there keyboard commands which might assist me with thread

I am having trouble figuring out if a message has been read, replied
to, forwarded, remains unread, etc...  In outlook, this information is
represented with a graphical symbol which I can "label."  Labeling is
essentially a process whereby I tell the screen reader, when this
graphic is seen, say "read" when this graphic is seen, say "unread"
etc...  Once the screen reader has this information, it will tell me
the correct message status.  Is there a specifi graphic in the bat
which I should enable which would convey this information?

Lastly, for now, I have a question about column sizing.  I went into
column view and saw that I could adjust the size of columns by
entering a number i.e. 150 next to subject.  What is this number
actually referencing?  Also, is there a way, not dragging, which I
could use to resize columns?  Essentially, I need to increase subject
and the from fields as they're the ones I don't want to have cut off.

Any help which anyone could offer would be much appreciated.  I'm sure
I'll have more questions as I progress, but I'm very excited about
using the bat and think it'll be a great solution for me.

Best regards,
 Steve                          mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

Current version is 1.62r | "Using TBUDL" information:

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