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LLM>> En fait, ce qu'on te reproche, c'est de répondre « au-dessus » des
LLM>> citations. Tu fais ça :
LLM>> Alors qu'il faut faire ça :
LLM>> C'est mieux expliqué dans le lien que je t'ai donné plus haut.

> Oh, that's nice. Does this list become french now ?
> (-:

I guess Ritlabs has increased his market share in Western countries :
it seems that The Bat! is really popular in countries like Russia,
Germany, Czech Republic (there's a lot of ressources in these
languages on the web). I can't say why. And now, it's more and more
popular in France and maybe in other Western and European countries :)
Maybe due to the Euro ? Just kidding...
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