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On Thu, 27 May 2004 12:39:59 +0100 GMT (27/05/2004, 18:39 +0700 GMT),
John Cunnane wrote:

JC> If the original mail was sent in HTML format and you reply in a plain
JC> text format such as MicroEd, then The Bat! seems to have a big problem
JC> with certain characters in a URL, e.g. the & character which it
JC> replaces with a space character. Hence, if you use MicroEd to reply to
JC> a HTML mail, you may well find that the link is 'broken' and it wraps
JC> round because it now contains spaces.

I find many characters broken when I reply to HTML messagees using
MicroEd. There are many additional question marks, and many spaces
between words are lost. So I have to manually edit the part of the
original mail that I copy in the reply. Not nice. :-(



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