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On Thursday, May 27, 2004, 3:13 PM, you wrote:

LG> Take note listers... This moderator is in a bad mood. Be good boys and
LG> girls! <VBG>.

Noted. Actually, I had a reply ready for Costas on his query about
"mid," in which I copied-and-pasted your fine explanation of 7 days
ago, but I waited a minute to send it, to see if you were there.

And, you were, and quite wonderful, as usual.

No, Costas, he doesn't pay me!! :) He's just been such a great support
to so many of us for so long!!!

(And BTW, also, Costas, your question wasn't stupid, as you said you
feared it might be. I went for nearly a year wondering what it was all
about, myself. :) )

42, Leif. Trill.

Best regards,

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