Hi Simon,

Friday, September 12, 2008, 3:51:15 PM, Privateofcourse ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) 
> For discussion lists this is the best setting that I've found (+ save the
> view mode as 'expanded' so you're not forever clicking little +es) ...

Are you aware that once a root message is highlighted you can type <ctrl>+ 
or <ctrl>- (using the number pad + is easier) and the whole of the thread 
from that point downward will expand/compress in one go.  I only found this 
having used it in another application and wondered whether it would work in 
The Bat!.

> There's always a downside, but I haven't come across it yet...although I'm
> sure someone will enlighten me if there is.

See other message about Drag'n'Drop messages to build/break tree structures 
of messages

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