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> I spent several days-weeks (several e-mails) with the techs at TB! and
> we never did find out what was causing it.
> In fact, the Tech I e-mailed with had never heard of it, and that was
> all we ended up at.
> Since I was the only one that had e-mailed them about this problem, it
> was concluded that I had something on my computer that NO-ONE-ELSE had
> one their computer and it was MY fault, but formatting my computer
> would fix it????????????

I am sure that some issues were raised in one of the beta rounds
before I had Vista (so 18+ months ago), but I am not sure what the
outcome was and I have not found anything describing the exact
symptoms in the Bugtracker.

Anyway, you are not alone - it is affecting both my Vista machines.


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