>>>>> "Mo" == Mo DeJong <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Mo> That does seem logical. It looks like the Class refs need to
    Mo> be cleaned up. What do you think of the patch below? 

The patch looks good.  I'll have to wait until tonight to apply it, as
I can't seem to apply it to the version that I have available right now.

    Mo> This would tend to happen if you created a lot of Tcl or Java
    Mo> threads and loaded Tcl Blend into them. Is that what you are
    Mo> doing? This also sounds like that mem leak problem from
    Mo> yesterday, do this patch help? The patch is for the
    Mo> ajuba-tclblend-contract-2000-08-01-branch branch in the CVS.

Exactly.  Each time someone accesses a url a new thread is spawned for
the connection and tlcblend is loaded into it.  In the test case that
I ran, there were probably more than 20 concurrent threads with
tclblend loaded into each of them.

    Mo> That seems to happen to me too. 

Are you saying that you also don't see the cleanup cache method get called
at the end of a thread?  If not, this would indicate a problem with
the tcl implementation not calling these registered cleanup procs.

    Mo> It seems like the new cache
    Mo> cleanup method is getting called when Tcl Blend is loaded into
    Mo> Tcl, but I am not sure what is going on when you load Tcl
    Mo> Blend and Tcl into a JVM. How could we test this sort of
    Mo> thing?

I'm not sure what your saying here, and it's probably because I'm used
to thinking about this stuff in terms of the way it operates in
conjunction with aolserver.  In aolserver there is only one case:

1) Connection thread starts.
2) A new tcl interpreter is allocated to the connection thread.
3) jvm attach to the current connection thread.
4) tclblend is initialized for the current connection thread.
4) run tcl scripts with tclblend calls.
5) thread completes.
6) cleanup thread function is called.  <-- this doesn't happen with


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