>>>>> "Mo" == Mo DeJong <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Mo> What do you mean by "The jvm attach is done at the start of
    Mo> the thread by a registered proc"? Are you not using:

    Mo> (*javaVM)->AttachCurrentThread()

    Mo> In JavaInitEnv() to attach the Tcl thread to the JVM?  This is
    Mo> also the place where this is called.

    Mo> Tcl_CreateThreadExitHandler(TclThreadCleanup, NULL);

    Mo> Perhaps I am just not understanding what you mean. You really
    Mo> should not need to do your own JVM attach, at least that is
    Mo> not something I had considered (ugh, we don't really need
    Mo> another init case).

I should have elaborated.  To use tclblend in aolserver, I basically
had to tear apart javaCmd.c and re-implement it in the structure required
by aolserver.  aolserver provides functions outside of tcl to register
a function at the start of a thread.  I'm using this aolserver
registered function to call AttachCurrentThread.  I'm also calling
Tcl_CreateThreadExitHandler(TclThreadCleanup, NULL) in my init
routine.  Other than javaCmd.c, the rest of the tclblend code is the
same as what I pulled out of cvs.  At some later time, when I
understand everything, I'm going to try and restructure everything to
use the code in javaCmd.c if possible.  If not, I will have one extra
'c' file to support aolserver.


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