>>>>> "Mo" == Mo DeJong <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Mo> There are two cleanup cases.

    Mo> TclThreadCleanup is called when a Tcl thread (one that was not
    Mo> started inside a JVM) is terminated. TclThreadCleanup will
    Mo> just call DetachCurrentThread() to disconnect the Tcl thread
    Mo> from the JVM.

    Mo> JavaCacheCleanup should be called when a Java or Tcl thread is
    Mo> terminated, its job is to clean up the thread local cache or
    Mo> classes.

For me these two cases seem to be one in the same.  At the end of a
connection thread, I need to do both JavaCacheCleanup and

    Mo> I am not sure which of these you are using because the
    Mo> description below says "Connection thread starts" and then
    Mo> "jvm attach to the current connection thread", that would make
    Mo> me think it is a thread created from Tcl.

I think what you're saying is correct.  I've always thought of it as
aolserver starting a connection thread and allocating a tcl
interpreter instance to run in that thread.  The jvm attach is done at
the start of the thread by a registered proc, and after the jvm is
attached to the connection thread, tclblend is initialized.

    >> 1) Connection thread starts.  2) A new tcl interpreter is
    >> allocated to the connection thread.  3) jvm attach to the
    >> current connection thread.  4) tclblend is initialized for the
    >> current connection thread.  4) run tcl scripts with tclblend
    >> calls.  5) thread completes.  6) cleanup thread function is
    >> called.  <-- this doesn't happen with aolserver

    Mo> The problem I was seeing is that JavaCacheCleanup was getting
    Mo> called when I exited Tcl thread but when the JVM exited, I saw
    Mo> no such callback. This might be because the finalizer was not
    Mo> called on exit. I need to fix that problem with the Notifier
    Mo> before I can really test this properly.

I would be happy to see it called at the end of a thread, because I
don't exit the jvm until aolserver is shutdown.


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